Wichie Torres

Wichie Torres was born in Ponce, the main city of southern Puerto Rico, in 1952. For 3 years, he studied with Professor Carola Coavas Columbus. Later in 1967 he continued his studies with Professor Frank Cervoni at the School of Visual Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, Arts in Puerto Rico. Great success and public acceptance have allowed him to devote himself fully to create masterpieces.

His use of vibrant, intense and provocative colors applied with rhythmic and decisive strokes create a harmonic pattern throughout each work. Wichie Torres is best known as a folk artist, creating scenes of everyday life, emphasizing sensuality and energy that characterizes the Afro-Caribbean roots of Puerto Rico. His work presents diverse aspects of it, such as the Flamboyan tree, cockfights, street sellers of Puerto Rico, and canoeists.  Source: Artist's Website

Llegada de Reyes
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Vejigantes con plena
Vejigantes con plena Sold
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Sueño de un Quijote
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Candelaria - MATADERO ART
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Chiringueros - MATADERO ART
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Piragua Sold
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Convergencia Musical - MATADERO ART
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