Matadero is an artist-run contemporary art space in San Juan featuring Puerto Rican artists and promoting our island's art and culture. We invite you to join our community and discover, learn and collect some of the most interesting and visually daring artworks made anywhere in the world.

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Matadero opened its doors on August 2014 at a former slaughterhouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico that for 30 years was home to the innovative Sono Films production studios. Since then, we have widened our presence beyond the industrial area with our web platform, doing pop-up shows in historic buildings and big moving trucks in PR, and private and public art projects. We believe art is to be shared publicly and not be restricted to: a physical space, a certain type of venue nor a certain group of people. Although the selection of artists we work is curated, we work with artists at different stages of their careers and seek opportunities to show their work.

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