FAQ for Artists

  1. How do I apply to exhibit and sell my artwork at Matadero Art? 
    Please send email us at with your name, age, current address, contact information, CV and at least 10 (and up to 20) sample images of your artwork. This work must be available for sale. If submitting photography work, you must send at least 3-4 images per series and/or project. All artwork must include: Title, Size, Medium and price. (See below for more on pricing your artwork and Matadero Art commission below).
  2. Can artists living outside of Puerto Rico apply?
    Yes. We do exhibit international artists, however, our focus is on Puerto Rican and Latin American art. 
  3. What does the application entail? 
    All of what is requested above. We also ask for a $25 application fee.
  4. Why is there an application fee? 
    We receive many applications every month. Charging a small non-refundable fee helps us ensure that the artists who apply are serious and committed.
  5. Why ask for my birthday on the application? 
    We need to ensure that you are old enough to legally sell your work with us.
  6. What kind of artwork do you show? 
    We exhibit art in every genre, style, size, and media. All work is carefully curated before going on display. Our goal is to offer clients a diverse selection of 2- and 3-dimensional media.
  7. Do you offer printing services for photographers? 
    We offer high quality archival printing services to our photographers who work in digital format. We also handle the shipping of these prints.
  8. How will you market my art? 
    We promote our artists' work in a number of ways. We manage a large online advertising campaign and we do a lot of search engine optimization. We have a very successful public relation strategy, a thriving email list, a blog, and solid Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook presence. In addition, we have relationships with collectors in the island and abroad, and continuously do our own events. If you exhibit with us, you may be invited to show in one of our booths at an art fair or asked to participate in national press. 
  9. How should I price my work?
    We are a platform to help 
    artists reach a wider audience and get more exposure. We are very careful to sell your work at a fair price. This means that we do not sell below or above your prices. It is crucial that the gallery and the artist sell at the same price. We take a commission because our work is not simply selling, but promoting you as an artist and helping you further your career. We take pricing very seriously and will not sell higher than other galleries or the price you sell directly from your studio. 
  10. What is your commission structure? 
    We split the sale of artwork 60/40 and we cover all of the costs of packaging and shipping the work. Our operation is not one-person working for many. We are small staff of artists, business and marketing professionals inverting in design, social media, advertising, public relations, and on-site events. 
  11. Where is Matadero Art based?
    We have offices and private storage in San Juan, Puerto Rico, although we are primarily a virtual gallery. We host several exhibitions every year and organize private gatherings for our friends, collectors and clients. Please see our exhibitions page.
  12. How many artists does Matadero Art represent? 
    We do not represent artists in the traditional sense. However, we invest in each on of our artists regularly to help them further their careers locally and internationally. We currently have artwork from 100 artists from Puerto Rico, Latin America, Spain and the US.
  13. If I exhibit and sell my work at Matadero Art, may I seek other gallery representation? 
    Matadero Art has the exclusive right to the artwork displayed on the website. This prevents the risk of selling the same piece of art to two different parties. However, we encourage you to pursue physical gallery representation while exhibiting with us. This increases the exposure of your work and benefits your career.  You can always link back to your profile on Matadero Art for more information and available artwork for sale.
  14. How do I know when my artwork is sold? What do I do once it is sold? 
    Once your art is sold, you will receive an email and/or telephone call notifying you of the sale. If we do not have the artwork at our storage, then you must ship the artwork to us within three to five business. 
  15. When and how do I get paid for sold artwork? 
    We send checks after the payment clears and the artwork is delivered to the client.
  16. Who owns the rights to my artwork once it is sold? 
    You retain the rights to your art after it is sold.
  17. Can clients living outside of Puerto Rico and Latin America purchase my art on Matadero Art? 
    Yes! We have international customers in United States and Europe.
  18. What is Matadero Art return policy? 
    We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee so clients can try out artwork in their homes. If a piece gets returned to us, we will notify you and pay to have the piece shipped back to our office. We will return the full payment to the customer. 
  19. What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit? 
    We ship all artwork in custom-built art boxes lined with high density foam to ensure safe transit. In the rare case of damage, we work directly with FedEx to file a claim on your behalf. We insure every artwork we ship for its full value.
  20. How do I submit more art if I am already exhibiting my work at Matadero Art? 
    You can send more images of your artwork for us to review and upload to the website. 
  21. Do I need to sign my artwork? 
    All art should be signed. It is important in identifying you as the creator. In addition, many collectors prefer to purchase signed artwork.
  22. Who should I contact with additional questions? 
    If you have any other question, please email:  info@mataderoart.com for further assistance.