Omar Velázquez

Omar Velázquez holds Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Puerto Rico and highlights that having been taught by artist Pedro Hernández in his hometown has significantly influenced his work. He currently resides in San Juan, where he has presented the exhibitions “Sala-Són” in CIRCA 2010, and “Desde la cuneta...” at Galería Guatíbiri in Río Piedras. He has been awarded First Honorable Mention twice at the Primer Certamen de Arte Joven de Oriental Group (2008 and 2010). His career also includes participating in numerous local and international collective exhibitions, across Japan, Macedonia, United States, Mexico and Colombia.

Artist statement:

My work deals with conflict, addiction, traumas, destruction. I reflect upon the non-functional individual, alienated, anesthetized and established on a society based on rush. The classification and the collection of rejected objects facilitate a connection between me and my environment, and evidence a clear intention to maintain it directly to its context. This elements at first sight, inevitably revaluates the objects that capitalism rejects through visible constructions of aesthetic contradictions, where the beauty is the ugly or avoided.