Julio Rosado Del Valle

Painter, draftsman, printmaker and designer, and illustrator. Rosado began his art training in the studio of Facundo Figueroa and at the University of Puerto Rico under Spanish painter Cristóbal Ruiz. In 1946, with a scholarship from the University of Puerto Rico, he attended the New School for Social Research in New York, where he was a student of Cuban painter Mario Carreño and Ecuadorian muralist Camilo Egas. In 1947 he traveled to Paris, where he visited museums and galleries; later, he studied at the Accademia di Belli Arte in Florence. In 1949 he was awarded a commission to paint a mural at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan. After his return to Puerto Rico for this project, Rosado del Valle worked as an illustrator at the recently created Community Education Division (DIVEDCO) of Departamento de Instrucción Pública and was co-founder of the Center for Puerto Rican Art. In 1954 he was appointed artist-in-residence at the University of Puerto Rico, a position that he held until 1982. In 1957, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship and spent a year painting in New York City. The very personal style of his work, which ranges from Realism to Abstraction, is a reflection of his constant exploration of the possibilities of expression. His painting is characterized by the use of drawing as a basis for the final canvas, and by the use of a palette knife to apply the pigments. Source: Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico