Frus Charoy

This collaboration began when we both where working at a local gallery. Observing each other's paintings we came upon the idea of putting together our two different styles to create a unique work of art. We were so pleased with the outcome of our first painting, which sold shortly after, that we have continued this exciting journey ever since. Frus Charoy's art represents a contradiction of what seems to be the reality behind the overall view of an individual. In these paintings we can see beyond a physical plane where the human emotions and thoughts are dramatized. The drawing is done in a realistic state representing the individual as we know them. On the other hand, the burst of color reflects a whole different story. It represents a side that mostly emphasizes feelings such as aggression or simply irony, which are thoughts that we normally would not share with the world. Frus Charoy is the artistic collaboration between Melvin Reyes and Jeannette Michaelle Charoy

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