Ismo (Santos, Joshua) (Arecibo, P.R., 1981)

Graffiti artist, painter, and installation creator. He has studied at the Puerto Rico School of Plastic Arts. This artist, also known as “Bik” o “Bik-Ismo”, has worked in urban art for the past thirteen years, using as a distinctive symbol a toaster and the phrase “Seguimos Tostando” (“We’re Still Toasting”). He has belonged to several international urban art groups, such as FX, The Nasty Boys, and Masters of Destruction. He was the first artist to curate and organize an exhibition of graffiti on fabric in Puerto Rico, Virtuosos del Aerosol (Aerosol Virtuosos) at Enlaces Gallery in 2002, and the exhibition entitled ExhibicionIsmo (ExhibitionIsm) at Enlaces Gallery in 2003. He was one of the students chosen by the School of Plastic Arts to visit the Arco Fair in Madrid, Spain (2002). In November 2007, he traveled to Boston to paint with different artists. He has exhibited his work in Puerto Rico, the United States, and Japan. He is interested in working with the icons of Puerto Rican culture and the aesthetics of graffiti. - Source: Reyes-Veray Collection

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