Arturo Bourasseau

Although he was born in Chile in 1946, he has lived in Puerto Rico since 1959. In 1964, he studied Plastic Arts at the University of Puerto Rico. He has been taught by figures such as John Balossi, Luisa Géigel, Andrés Bueso and Félix Bonilla Norat. He held his first individual exhibition at the Museum of the University of Puerto Rico in 1966 and has since presented several individual exhibitions throughout important museums, galleries and biennials spanning Puerto Rico, United States, and Europe.

He received the Arts Critic Association (AICA) award in 2004 for the best Contemporary Art exhibition in Puerto Rico, and was also awarded in 2006 for his exhibition of sculptures at the College of Engineers in Paris, France. His work is present among important collections, including those of the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (MAC), the Ponce Museum of Art (MAP), the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA), and the Musée de la Ferraille in Paris, France. His work incorporates various materials, such as metals, plastics and other media over Plexiglas and a variety of surfaces. Source: Colección Reyes-Veray