Admin Torres

Admin Torres was born in 1986 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. She studied painting at the School of Plastic Arts and Design, and specializes in oil painting and multi-media. Since 2008, her work has been exhibited in several local and international galleries and museums, including the Museum of Puerto Rico.

Admins paintings reflect on the theme of the fugacity of life. She explores this theme through symbolism: every detail of her work has a particular meaning and message, and is meticulously placed within the larger composition. Many of her paintings include bones and skulls, which represent the inner structure that unites humans despite discriminating factors such as race, economic standing, religion, and sexuality, among others. Bones exhibit how humans are all linked together by the eventuality of death, and they also constitute the ultimate lasting evidence of our existence. 

Admin was born into a humble, loving family. As the daughter of a dentist, Admin grew surrounded by her fathers anatomy books. Her mother sells lingerie,which also influenced her perspective of the body. Admin has studied her own reflection and the power of female bodies and sexuality through painting, a process that has contributed to her own self-assured nature. 

Through her exploration of symbolism, Admin found thematic continuity with work of the XVII century Vanitas, but she has expanded her scope beyond religious symbolism, focusing on a wider-reaching ethical perspective. The details of her art demand contemplation. They question what it means to be human, and hoot live and appreciate life and time. Both the amount of time she spends developing her art, and the time necessary to truly contemplate it, represent a stark contrast to the fast paced modern digital world of flashing images. Perhaps her work is a call for a more natural and human pace of life, one in which we rethink howto value time and what it means to be truly present in the moment. Reflecting upon her paintings is an opportunity to reflect upon oneself.

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